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Acquaintance is best to start from Georgia's capital - Tbilisi. Here beats the heart of this country, here are concentrated it's culture, history and traditions. No wonder that the Georgians themselves from time immemorial called it "kalaki" or just a "city", the one and only. Tbilisi - an exceptionally beautiful and very comfortable, it is always there, what to see, what wonder and try that.

Tbilisi - one of the oldest cities in the world. It had turned 1500 years old. According to legend, the name it received because of it's warm sulfur springs. Translated from the Georgian "Tbil" means "warm." Old Tbilisi, or Tiflis to be better said, perfectly preserved and not just in terms of architecture. The most surprising is that there is still keenly felt the unique local flavor. Old quarters stretch along both banks of the Kura River (Mtkvari) and climb to the foot of Mount Mtatsminda, overlooking a magnificent panorama of the city. Wander here, it seems, is endless. Here, from the hillside grows a mighty citadel Narikala ("Shuristsihe"). This fortress is one of the most ancient fortifications of the country (4th century).


Historians claim that Narikala, standing on the Great Silk Road was the most impregnable stronghold and fortified Tbilisi (fortress could withstand a two-year siege.)

At the base of the castle walls is the main entrance to the Tbilisi Botanical Garden, which is over 400 years. There always grew gardens of Georgian kings. This huge garden is striking for it's landscapes, the waterfall at the foot of the fortress served with a height of 40 meters. Walking is pleasant at any time of year, good climate in Georgia is very soft and plants bloom almost continuously.
Right next to the botanical garden is another unique place of the old Tbilisi, which simply you can not see the quarter baths - Abanotubani.

Bani Tbilisi never indifferent to the visiting guests. Pushkin wrote: "Scum I have not seen either in Russia or Turkey, nothing luxurious than Tiflis baths." Also Duma did not conceal his delight. Here, side by side next to the mosque are situated the Georgian Orthodox Church, Russian, Armenian churches and a synagogue. It's here easy to understand how a multinational had Tiflis in the past and remains to this day...

The capital of Georgia is one of the richest cities in the world with its cultural monuments. Walking through the ancient streets of Tbilisi, admiring the beauty of the architecture of the city, and do not forget about the legendary hospitality of Tbilisi. Tbilisi awaits guests and welcomes them generously, warmly and with open hearts.


Here is a nice walk on the streets of old town, enjoying its flair and originality, Rustaveli Avenue, sung by poets, against the backdrop of wonderful scenery to see the beautiful monuments and evening, in between times, to look at the light in the cozy little cafe that offer taste amazing natonal cuisine and famous Georgian wines. In this enchanting corner its impossible not to leave part of your soul, just as it is impossible not to take away a piece of Tbilisi in your heart...


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