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The great Georgian poet and public figure, Ilia Chavchavadze contemporaries advised: "If you even slightly like Georgia, be sure to go to the Svaneti region."

Svaneti - the birthplace of the brave, industrious, hospitable and invincible Highlanders, which the ancient Greek writers called "Soane" or "soanidami." This land was for centuries a symbol of freedom.

Svaneti at all times served as the last line, which brought the value of the deposit and the relics of Georgia.


This mountain area is known for its distinctive architecture and its called  "Country thousands of towers." Since ancient times, when Svans built their homes high and incredibly strong square tower, which served both economic and defense functions.

Svaneti is divided into upper and lower, separated by a ridge Svanetian.
Historically, the Upper Svaneti region is divided into East and West, in other terms - in the free and princely. At one time, Western Svan communities to the river were subject Dorla princely influence, but more princely effect did not spread. Dorla became the border of two Svaneti.
As a result, East (free) Svaneti reached our time in the archaic state, with a more traditional way of life and with a large number of stone structures. Here the most interesting objects and tourists concentrate their attention on the East Svaneti.

The most-most in Svaneti:

• 147 settlements.

• The population about 14 000 people.
• Villages are grouped together in the community, in Svaneti there are 16 communities.
• Some villages in the communities are very small, it can accommodate only 2-4 families.
• Location - the largest settlement in Svaneti. It is home to 2600 people. All the unique medieval architecture place is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

• Ushguli - is the most mountainous village in Europe. Located at an altitude of 2200 meters. Located at the origins of the Inguri River, at the foot Shkhara (5068 m). Ushguli community consists of four villages.

Today Svaneti with its stone towers attracts the most daring tourists who are not afraid of any hard to reach places, nor the local highlanders (who until recently there was a blood feud), nor the proximity of the breakaway Abkhazia. Naturally, following the precept of the great Alexander Chavchavadze, we recommend you to visit these unforgettable places.



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