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XI century

Shatili is the oldest village in Dusheti district (Khevsureti), located on the northern ridge of the Greater Caucasus, at an altitude of 1,800 meters above sea level in the valley of the Argun River.


For many centuries it was served as a fortress, which protected the northern borders of the country. Building is a single fortified complex of residential buildings and 60 defensive towers
Now about 360 famillies lives in Khevsureti. Persistence of old customs of Khevsurs largely due to geographic isolation of this corner of Georgia.
Khevsurs always been famous for his courage, warlike disposition, and freedom. They have never been the prince's power supreme body.
Ability to fight with knives always revered the main advantage of men. Wounds, and even more the killings in rural skirmishes rarely happened - Injure seriously considered the inability and even cowardice. Higher skill - just a little scratch his face.


Interesting fact:

There was a kind of a price list for a wound. The measure was barley grain, which fit into the cut. Each grain - sheep.
And usually, in the middle of the battle the woman threw her black Mandil - head scarf. The fight was stopped: the woman could not disobey.
Hospitality - is 'law' for Khevsurs. Guests are treated barley vodka "zhipitauri" and beer. And for a snack - hard as a rock khevsuri cheese and corn tortillas with melted butter.








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