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Rest on the lake (Lopota, Kvareli, Bazaleti)

Lopota Lake Resort

Rest complex and Hotel "Lopota" - This place is theirs, who wants to rest in the best way and comfortable. Word "best" in this occasion doesn't mean only price and quality.

This pleasant rest for people who likes to walk on a fresh air by boat, who has neither time not means for fishing, or who has decided to come to near of Caucasus Mountains by horse in passing by beautiful nature.
























Transfer Tbilisi - Lake "Lopota" -  Tbilisi (320km) costs 300$ by car

Double Room with Full Board - 210$

Single Room with Full Board - 180$


Kvareli Lake Resort

In the hearts of Kakheti, one of the most beautiful regions of Georgia and to the east of the small city of Kvareli, beneath the southern slope of Great Caucasus mountains the unique and beautiful Kvareli Lake Resort spreads over 300 hectares of beautiful natural landscape.  

The virgin forest surrounding the resort, the lake in the front  where the small rivers of Bursa and Chagurgula  flow into, vast Alazani valley in the backyard and large hotel rooms each equipped with small terrace and beautiful panoramic views, make Kvareli Lake Resort a unique place to stay.

Kvareli Lake Resort offers 19 rooms, of which 16 are standard rooms (2+1) and 3 suits. Each room is equipped with panoramic view on the Lake, Caucasus mountains or Alazani Valley.

All Rooms feature the same facilities described here below:

- Free high speed internet

- Automatic high security lock system

- Satellite TV

- TV (Flat screen)


- Individual air conditioning

- Mini-bar

- Hairdryer

- Safe

- Toilet and the bathroom with complete toilet bag

- Baby cot (on request)











Transfer Tbilisi - Kvareli Lake Resort - Tbilisi (320km) costs 70$ round trip per person.

Single Standard with Full Board - 105$

Double Standard with Full Board - 135$

Double Suit with Full Board - 150$


Bazaleti Lake

The Bazaleti Lake is igneous and it is distinguished by the medicinal qualities. It is remarkable that its filling does happen due to the inflowing rivers. The process of the purification and filing of the Bazaleti Lake fulfill waters resulting from the earth interior. And the algae growing in the lake possess of many qualities improving human's health. That's why water of the Bazaleti Lake can cure from the different dermatological, gynecological diseases and bones and joints pathologies. Air is health-giving for the cardiovascular patients.

The Bazaleti Lake is situated at 900 meters height above sea level, that's why the unique combination of the mountain air and the medicinal qualities of the lake water has astonishing effect on the holiday-makers. Each sunrise and sunset is the nicest on the Bazaleti Lake. It is also interesting that to rest here is possible during all times of the year.

Tourist complex located on the Bazaleti Lake as if white pearl is placed into this unique beauty, it hasn't affected the architecture created by the nature itself. Correspondingly a human here has all conditions to take care of his health, to rest, to have a good time and to feel oneself happy.

Today Bazaleti tourist complex is spread on 27 hectares of the lakeside, where the nicest alleys divide from each other and at the same time harmonically unite several types of cottage-hotels.

A particular charm to the Bazaleti tourist complex gives a fountain right in the middle of the complex and white-columned colonnade at the back of the alley, which symbolically is devoted to the 2500-year-old friendship and love between the Georgian and Jewish peoples.

The Bazaleti tourist complex not only in Georgia but in the entire Europe and even on a global scale is such a place whose analogue does not exist and which in the conception of each of us even a fairy tail will convert into the reality.

In the Bazaleti tourist complex the holiday-maker will be given a chance to receive complete service of this complex, what represents an innovation in Georgia.

Entertainment & Rest

A special attention at the Bazaleti complex will be paid to the sport arrangements; that's why here will be all kinds of the sports grounds as for children so for the grown-ups. The tennis court and the beach volleyball already function In a complex. For the future summer, grounds for mini-football, basketball and mini-golf will function in the complex. Interesting tours will also take place in ecotourism. At the lakeside will be built fishers' and hunters' houses, the travelers will be taken for walks on the lake by the yacht and exotic boats. The holiday-makers are given a chance to entertain and enjoy themselves in bungalows during the day and night. At night the territory is lit with the most beautiful lampions.

A separate building is constructed in the complex, there are four outdoor and indoor pools of different size in it, also a jacuzzi, a sauna, training apparatuses, curative bathes, showers, rest halls, cafe-bars and a salon.

In the Bazaleti tourist complex will function medical center, where a holiday-maker will pass medical-diagnostic checkup by means of highly experienced medical stuff and the newest medical apparatus. Here it is especially good to pass a pre-surgical and a postoperative rehabilitation course.

For the lovers of the active rest in the complex will work a disco, where from time to time will take place TV broadcasts, concerts, and mini-strip-tease. The casino will also function, where the lovers of the hazardous time spending will be given a chance of all kinds of entertainment and rest. The show-evenings will be arranged.

A separate building is arranged for the bowling center, it will be six-track and here additionally will be arranged a cafe-bar and a billiard. Separately will work a restaurant meant for 350 persons and two cafes, each meant for 250 persons.

The present restaurant can seat 250 holiday-makers. There is also a mini-bar, where holiday-makers can enjoy a drink and have a pleasant time.

On the territory of the complex will be situated a famous brand shops, where a tourist without leaving the complex will be able to buy a thing necessary for him in spite of any season. Hot and soft drinks sell at the territory of the complex. Different attractions are arranged for children.

At the lake side has been arranged three-floor beach, chaises longues and sunshades are placed on it. The beach is well-equipped with the finishing coating.

Tourist complex creates all conditions for the holiday-makers to spend their time at their will, to entertain and to take care of their health.

This winter a scating-ring and a skiing slope will open, which will offer a holiday-maker to slide with and go tobogganing

For organizing of the interesting arrangements and seminars at the Bazaleti tourist complex will function several conference halls of different size and capacity, which will be equipped with the modern technology and altogether will be meant for 500 persons.

It's obvious that complex of such scale needs the same strong administration and service. That's why the administrative building with 20 rooms of the different purpose and all subsidiary space is included in the complex.

Right in the entrance of the complex is situated a car park for 120 cars. Here is also telephone and TV-radio center, equipped by the proper technique and service staff. As the Bazaleti tourist complex can simultaneously receive 1500 holiday-makers, a laundry equipped with the newest technique, meant for 1500 persons, will function at the complex.

The complex is completely gasified and supplied with water and electric power. Urgently works two electrical substations. Complex also has warehousing and the purchasing service works.



























Transfer Tbilisi - Bazaleti Lake Resort - Tbilisi costs 60$ round trip per person on a comfortable minibus

Single room for one person - 120$

Single room for two persons - 150$

Half suit for two persons - 170$

Double room for two persons - 190$

Double room for three persons - 210$

Triple room for four persons - 270$

Triple room for five persons - 310$

Price includes Full Board



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