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The historic district in the east, where the main Georgian Orthodox shrines and holy worldwide - Georgian winemaking.

At the turn of the 19th - 20th centuries, particularly Kakheti authoritative encyclopedia Brockhaus and Efron is described as: "... the fertile soil, mild climate, abundant water, vast forests, diverse and magnificent nature, friendly people ... ". Today, in the 21st century, we can confidently affirm all the foregoing of this remarkable region.


Kakheti - it's last independent kingdom, but now its the region with the capital city - Telavi. The principality of Kakheti came in the VIII century.
Kakheti wine - the most famous of all Georgian wines. And it's not that it is good or bad, but that is its own "Kakhetian" technology. Saperavi can be planted anywhere, but it is in the valley Alazani it feels more natural. When you visit Kakheti is worth trying the local wine Kakheti, from Mukuzani and Rkatsiteli. Then you can go to the "European" type Tsinandali. It is believed that Kakheti is the cradle of winemaking.

Alazani Valley - the heart of Kakheti, a place sacred to every Georgian. One Georgian scholar once said, "grape wine - it is eternal, which is the backbone of the economy, daily life, world outlook and character of the Georgian people"


But Kakheti - the birthplace not only of wine. It is also a place of interest for its rich cultural heritage and ancient traditions.

A total of 30 churches of Kakheti. The most famous monasteries are Alaverdi and Ikalto, the oldest - the temple Nekresi.
Alaverdi - one of the most famous medieval churches in Georgia, was built at the beginning of the XI century and is located 20 km. From the town of Telavi. This is - one of the tallest buildings (45 m) of the time. Alaverdi served as the burial place of the kings of Kakheti.


(The word "Alaverdi" has another meaning, it has a ritual load during Georgian feast, when the toastmaster asks one of the guests to continue the initiated toast.)

                                  Castles and Fortresses.

In Kakheti is about 9 famous forts and castles. The royal palace in Telavi castle Grammy, fortresses Cheremi, Khornabuji, Kvareli Kvetera, Chehila, Ujarma and Sighnaghi.

Grammy - the former capital of Kakheti kingdom in XVI-XVII century, which in the 17th century, razed to the ground the Persian Shah Abbas. Today, the Grammy survived only castle to the cathedral.




In Kakheti there are 9 of ethnographic museums in Ahmed, Dedoplistskaro, Gvazi, Gurjaani Lagodekhi Sagarejo, Sighnaghi, Telavi (historical and ethnographic) and Vachnadziani.

This land made famous by well-known figures are successful on a variety of arenas - from poetry to politics. In Kakheti 13 houses and museums of various famous people. Perhaps the most famous name is Chavchavadze - an ancient race of Kakheti, almost every generation which gave the country and the world famous people.


Not far from Tsinandali - Chavchavadze family estate in the village is home of Mirzaani - the second and equally famous Kakhetian family. At this point the artist was born and raised Nikoloz Pirosmanishvili, better known under the name Niko Pirosmani. But in life, as so often happens with artists, Pirosmani raised in poverty. He died in obscurity, and no one still knows where his grave.

Separately worth mentioning Kakheti town Sighnaghi, founded in the XVIII century by Georgian King Irakli II. This place became a center of trade and commerce - a place where time stands still, the dream of artists and lovers. It is felt in every color of bygone centuries.
Next to the Sighnaghi is another Georgian relic - a convent in Bodbe, here is buried St. Nino, Enlightener of Georgia and founder of the Georgian Orthodox Church.

                                            National parks

There are about 10 parks in different parts of the region. You should pay particular attention to Vashlovani in the extreme south-east region. The people best known national park Tusheti.

In short, the Kakheti region - this is a long history, beautiful landscapes, majestic mountains and pristine mountains, amazing diversity of natural systems and, of course, Kakhetian Feast, topped with toasted wise in its simplicity and memorable Kakhetian wine - are the main arguments for choosing this place as an object of your trip.



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