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Georgia - Cradle Of Winemaking

From the ancient times Georgia was one of the main hearth of the vine and recognized home culture of viticulture. Discovered on the territory of Georgia grape leaves imprints of past geological epochs, found in the tombs of the Bronze Age jugs with the remnants of grape seeds, as well as many other archeological findings leave no doubt that Georgia in the previous era was one of the progenitors of the vine.
Without exaggeration we can say that the vine and the man born on earth in Georgia at the same time. As a result of archeological excavations found many documents confirming the existence of viticulture and winemaking in Georgia since antiquity. According to the English explorer Hugh Johnson, grape seed, found in Georgia, date back to 8000 BC. It should be noted that these bones belong to cultivars of grapes. To this period belong discovered by archaeologists in Georgia pottery for the manufacture and storage of wine, drinking wine bowls, primitive tools for soil and crop the vine.
Depending on the color of wine is divided into white, pink and red. It depends not only on the type of grape used, but also on the technology of wine.

Depending on the sugar content wine is divided into:
Dry - sugar content is 0.3%.
Semi-Dry - up to 3%.
Semi-Sweet - up to 8%.
Naturally Sweet - up to 20%.

Wines are divided into varietal, if they are made from one grape variety, and blend - if they include a few varieties.
Depending on the carbon dioxide content of wine is divided into sparkling and quiet. Still wines, in turn, are divided on the quality of ordinary, vintage and collectable.

Ordinary called young wines that have passed the technological process, whose implementation is carried out not earlier than three months after the grapes.
Cintage called aged at least one year of high quality wines made ​​from certain varieties of grapes grown in specific wine regions or districts, according to special technology. Vintage wines must be characterized by constant high quality, continuing from year to year. Vintage wines of high quality, which, after the expiration of aging in oak barrels or steel tanks, in addition to age in bottle for at least three years, called the collector.
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