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Borjomi... one of the most charming places I've ever seen.
Tchaikovsky, 1887.

The word "mineral water" is familiar to all the former Soviet Union, even those who have never visited this beautiful place in Georgia, with wildlife and rich smell of pine needles with air.


The name itself comes from the town of Borjomi two words - "Borj" (fortification) and the "omi" (war). Previously, fought often, and the village was beneficial Borjomi is located in the gorge.

These places attract tourists mainly because of the unique mineral water which, after passing through the volcanic rock outcrops in almost perfect condition.
It is used for the treatment and prevention of gastrointestinal diseases, liver disease and biliary system, urogenital, metabolic disorders and diabetes. Consumption of mineral water good for the teeth: the water contained in the fluoride and iodide ions reduce the likelihood of tooth decay.


"Borjomi" for Georgia - and this is a particle of history, calling card, by which we are learned abroad.

The history of mineral water "Borjomi" - Emperor Nicholas II commissioned academics St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences of Struve and Joffe to find water, which composition would be similar to the German waters of Baden-Baden or Vichy French. They searched all over the empire and settled in Borjomi.
In 1900, production of Borjomi mineral water for the first time exceeded one million bottles a year.
In 1980, the water "Borjomi" is the first brand, whose white and red label has acquired an absolute awareness among consumers in the USSR. Each year, sold 400 million bottles, which were delivered in 15 000 cities.
The characteristic blue-green bottle "Borjomi" is patented, and even has a name - Georgian Green (Georgia Green).
In addition to world-famous water, these places are famous for exquisite relic forest with many species of flora and fauna.

Marveled at the beauty of the Borjomi and learn about the healing properties of water, the governor of the Russian tsar Mikhail Romanov in the Caucasus in 1864 built a summer residence, and in a few years, the city adorned with romantic palace - Likani.

Awesome bridge, built in Borjomi by French engineer Gustave Eiffel, thus, who designed the world famous Eiffel Tower!

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