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"... My favorite Batumi, colorful and lively crossroads of centuries and civilizations." Georges Simenon.
Have you ever been in Batumi?
This town is an extraordinary. Small, cozy, conveniently located on the southern shore of the Black Sea deep-water bay... Even for those who have already been here before, they need to look at it - to see how it has changed and became prettier over the years.


The sound of classical music, the scent of blooming magnolias, dancing fountains and sprays, a delicious Turkish coffee which is brewed only here - in such a memorable summer evening spent at the Batumi Boulevard, one of the many outdoor cafes bamboo. On the beach and on the park are bungalows, cafe-bars, discotheques and restaurants with various cuisine for true gourmets.

Batumi, Kobuleti, Kvariati, Ureki Anaklia ... Here one can find a place to stay, and prices - from the lowest ($ 20 per day) to the most expensive ($ 250)


Having been once in Batumi, you will definitely find yourself and your friends want to come back here again. To do this, close your eyes, make a wish and toss a coin into the waves caressing the Black Sea. Believe me, it will necessarily be granted!

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