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Bakuriani is a climate and climate - balneotherapy resort of Georgia, during the year falls to 800 mm. precipitation, and the number of hours solstice is 210 days a year. The climate of Bakuriani is situated at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level, has a relatively cool summers (July and August, air is heated only to 15 °), but at the same time and mild winters (in January -7 °) with stable snow cover .


Bakuriani is situated on the northern slope of the Trialeti Range, near Borjomi. This is a small village surrounded by mountains, alpine meadows and thick pine forests. From the airport of Tbilisi to Bakuriani - 190 miles, about three hours away.


Ski season lasts from November to March. Winter is cold but not severe. Weather is sunny and windless. So here you can often see skiers, who skies in bathing suits. The average snow depth of about 60 centimeters, avalanches are very rare in Bakuriani.


In the 70s and 80s this place was a base for training ski the Olympic team of the Soviet Union, all the legendary Soviet skiers traind here. The resort has not worked in the beginning of the troubled 90s, and now has turned into a cozy Alpine village, where in winter attracts skiers and snowboarders from all over the country. Many europeans enjoy this place, especially Germans and Austrians (prices are much lower than in Europe). I Georgia would like to hold here the Winter Olympics in 2014 - invest here in the next few years should be 2 billion dollars.


Skating skiers was held at Mount Kokhta-1 and on the mountain Kokhta-2. At Kokhta-1 was installed chair lift and yoke. The length of 1,5 km route with a steep 600-meter drop at the beginning of the descent. At Kokhta-2 complex acted downhill length of 3 kilometers from the finish line near the village of Didi Mitarbi. Two stage chairlift were stretched to a distance of 3 kilometers. On the slopes of the mountain was also established long tatrapoma serving the route length of 1.7 kilometers, six short tatrapomas and one short chairlift to the trampoline.

Tracking, also known as hiking, and hiking mountain tourism
The proximity of mountains allows simple routes to climb and trekking tourists who have no special training. From near one-day routes can be recommended to climb Kokhta (2155 meters), climb on a visit to Lake Sekvelomta Tabatskuri, trips to the monastery complex Timotesubani (11th-century temple and cave monastery), the springs of natural mineral water in Mitarbi, to the hot springs in Tsihisdzhvari .

Gorge resort Bakuriani

If you go a little further down on the Borjomi gorge, you can visit several interesting sites, such as: Daba village - a very small chapel, hidden in a large cave (500 meters from the road), the same number of - the historical yew (2000 years). In Tsagveri are sources of mineral water (not inferior to the Borjomi). For the extremists - climbers - after turning on the canyon Patara Tsemi Bakurianistskali outputs relict igneous rocks - the whole valley bottom littered with giant - 20-30 feet, "pencils" - hexagonal crystals (depth of the gorge at this point - about 300 meters).

Resort Trails:

At the moment the function:

- Two-track "Kokhta-1" (chair lift) the general slowness of 1,500 meters. The upper 400 m are complex and reach the slope of 52 degrees. Inexperienced better not even look back, and ride a so-called "plateau".

- "Kokhta-2" (tatrapoma, tugboat) - as two-trail, where steep slopes are replaced by comfortable flat. Also, there are several trails for beginners with rope tows.


Bakuriani is a great place for a family holiday, where you can first put the children to ski. You can not only ride, but do trekking on the neighboring hills, or walk cross-country skiing to pass Tskhratskaro (13 kilometers from the village, altitude 2780 meters).

The location of Bakuriani at the crossroads of the Lesser Caucasus mountain ranges and different geographic areas, diverse flora and fauna make the area extremely interesting


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