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About Georgia

Georgia is located in western and central part of Transcaucasia, between Large and Small Caucasian Backbones, on crossing of the most ancient "Silk way" that connected Europe with Asia. Therefore ones consider Georgia part of Europe, others - by part of Central Asia or even Near East. Weather and landscape personify meeting of East and West. Country is bounded on the north by Russia, on the southeast - by Azerbaijan, on the south - by Armenia and Turkey; on the west it's bounded by the Black sea.

Total area: 69,7 thousands square km

Georgia is a polyethnic country including different brotherly nations and ethnic groups that live in the country's territory. 
Population of Georgia
: about 4,5 million people

Official Language: Georgian

Official Religion: Orthodox Christianity

Political system: Democratic Republic of Georgia. 
Official name in Georgian: Georgia
Head of the state: President. 
Incumbent president: Mikhail Saakashvili

: Tbilisi (1.5 million) 
Big cities: Kutaisi (233 000), Batumi (130 000)

Time: +4

Russian and English is accepted for  communication with foreign citizens.


On East Georgia it's intermediate from subtropical to moderate, on the West it's subtropical. 
The highest peak: Shkara (5068 meters), Kazbegi(5047 meters)

The famous rivers: Kura (Mtkvari, 1364 km long), Alazani (351 km long), Rioni (327 km long), Aragvi (66 km long)

Official currency
: lari (1.8 lari per US$, 2.4 lari per 1 euro). 1 lari contains 100 tetri.
There are 1,2,5,10,20,50,100 bank notes that are in circulation trans all over the country.

Member of UNO (since 1992), OSCE, UNESCO, IMF, МБРР, has observer status in WTO and CE.


Coat of arms of Georgia

Coat of arms of Georgia was accepted on October, 1, 2004. It is a shield of red color with the silver figure of  Saint George patron, striking a dragon a spear. A shield is crowned by the gold royal crown of  Georgian monarch of great antiquity family Bargationi. It's held by two gold lions. Under a shield there is a ribbon with the motto of "Strength is in unity". This coat of arms is partly based on the medieval coat of arms of the Georgian tsar's house of Bargationi

753427601_6.jpg .

Flag of Georgia - Founded on January, 14 2004

One big cross and four small crosses on a white background on the flag are a Christian symbol in common, personifying Jesus Christ and four evangelists. A white color in heraldry specifies on innocence, cleanness, wisdom; red color  become a synonym for  courage, justice and love. 

Administrative division: 

10 territories
2 autonomous republics - Abkhazia and Adzharia 
1 city with special status (Tbilisi). 

Georgian alphabet consists of 33 symbols. The written language and letters are absolutely unique and not comparable with any known alphabet


1st of January - New Year 

7th of January - Christmas

th of January - Epiphany

rd of March - Mothers Day

March-April - Easter

8th of May - Victory Day

26th of May - Independence Day

th of August - the Blessed Mother of God (Mariamoba)

th of October - Georgian ancient capital holiday (Mtskhetoba)

rd of November - St. George Day, principle patron of Georgia

Some ancient folk holidays are saved up to date; for an example Georgians still celebrate ancient vintage holiday, Georgian capital holiday, holiday in memory of ancient writer Shota Rustaveli and others.
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