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About Company

                                       Identification code 404 393 893

                                           Travel agency "EVREKA"

Specialises exclusively on internal group and individual tourism, independently develops and realises rounds on rest and trips on excursion routes.

Variety of offers on internal tourism - distinctive feature of company "EVREKA". Excursion rounds and beach rest on resorts of Georgia, unique wine rounds, medical-improving programs in sanatoria and high-mountainous boarding houses, downhill skiing, children's rest - here is far not the full list of available possibilities. 

Invariably high degree of service and traditional hospitality do rest with travel agency "EVREKA" comfortable and remembered.

"EVREKA" carries out orders of any complexity, corresponding to requirements of clients and the increasing quality standards of the industry of tourism and hospitality.

Travel agency "EVREKA" is:

Variety of offers on internal tourism

Guarantees in the best hotels

Exclusive tourist products, author's routes

Professionalism of employees of the company

Individual approach to each tourist

The favourable prices, qualitative service

Flexible system of payment

Professional employees of the company will organise:

Individual and group rest


Automobile and bus transfers

Reception of visitors (including booking of hotels, granting of services  of professional translators at excursions) and the VIP-service

Will reserve:

Hotel, motor transport

Banquet and conference halls, a translation service

Will get and deliver tickets aboard the plane and other types of transport in any direction.

Efficiency and competence of employees, politeness of guides, and the guaranteed safety on travel - the main characteristics of the company.

Company "EVREKA" carries out constant monitoring of quality of the work, covering all fields of activity. The visitors who have used company services, have possibility to influence quality of work.

We will be grateful for an assessment of works, responses and the information which it is possible to send to the address - they will be in detail analysed by experts and company management.

The invariable motto of company "EVREKA" - «Memories Forever». You, certainly, can take a word, but, as they say, «it is better to see once, than hundred times to hear»

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