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Welcome To Georgia!

Travel agency "Evreka" offers the organization of individual and group tours around Georgia.

Why Georgia? - You ask. The answers are very simply:

- Ancient History of Georgia, where the myths of the Golden Fleece of Colchis and the rich intertwined with not less exciting real events;

- Tender Black Sea and the snowy ridges of the Great Caucasus, tangerine groves and magnificent vineyards, curative mineral springs and wonderful wines ... All this is Georgia - sung by great poets.

Beauty and special atmosphere of this ancient country, traveling to Georgia - always a revelation. Fascinating landscapes that are opened to the serpentines of mountain roads, the wisdom and beauty of folk tales set up a philosophical mood, compelling to think about eternity.

As a guest you will feel the hospitality and warmth that have not felt in other places. Georgia - is a dynamically developing country with a long history, unique nature and a huge tourism potential.

Vacation at sea: Tired of the daily burden of routine and worries? Feel like a sybarite's Black Sea coast, surrounded by dense vegetation. We offer holidays in Batumi, Kobuleti, Kvariati one-day shop tour in Turkey (free economic zone).

Classic Tours: Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Borjomi, Kutaisi, Sighnaghi, Telavi - a perfect opportunity to get acquainted with the rich and colorful cultural heritage of the ancient country, in touch with the myths and legends of the past, giving the key to understanding our present, and hence the future.

Wine Tours: It's not secret that the Georgian national cuisine is unique in the world. If you are not hungry, believe me, it's not for long. We invite you to participate in the preparation of an unforgettable national cuisine, enjoy the famous Georgian wines, such as Kindzmarauli, Khvanchkara Rkatsiteli. For the ancient traditions of Georgian wine attracts tourists from all over the world.

Ski holidays: for ski holiday Lovers "Evreka" invites you to visit the mountain resorts of Gudauri, place and, of course, Bakuriani, near the Borjomi. Heady mountain air not only drugged, but will heal you. Well, landscapes, believe me, there is simply no equal in magnificence.

Fishing: In this age of rapidly developing technology and urbanization, more and more people prefer the so-called eco-tourism. For those who enjoy the unhurried measured rest away from the urban bustle, travel agency, "Evreka" happy to offer fishing tours in Kakheti and Imereti. Isn't it wonderful - to feel part of a unique natural beauty!

Horse riding and hunting tours: Mountain Georgia holds many routes, to overcome that not everyone is able to do. Life in the mountains is impossible without a horse, especially in mountainous areas. Horseback riding and horse riding are becoming more popular outdoor activities. It's not surprising, because in walks and horse riding is unusual (if you like, extreme), and benefits, and aristocracy, and communication with an intelligent and kind to animals. Travel company "Evreka" offers horseback riding tours in Khevsureti, Tusheti and organizes hunting tours for fans of extreme relaxation. Since you will be the most skilled hunters and hunters of Georgia, which will ensure efficient organization and security of the hunt.

- In any case, no matter what trip you would go, the choice should be a reflection of your desires and feelings. During this trip you will be surrounded by an atmosphere of romance, and care of all maintenance and take on the "Eureka" travel agency pros, guided by your preferences and wishes.

Travel agency "Evreka" will select and book for you every hotel on the whole territory of Georgia, from home-cozy small hotels to the most fashionable. Comfortable transportation (buses, minibuses and cars), provided by "Eureka" will make your journey safe and comfortable. Highly guides and tour guides, characterized by deep knowledge of the history of Georgia and his erudition, will provide an opportunity to feel the beauty, to touch the culture and history of this ancient and beautiful country. It's equally important for this guide how to tell time on the subject of tours and choose the right time for "meditation and photography," be considerate and patient with guests. One of the many legends of Georgia says that when God divided the earth among the nations, Georgians were late, pausing for a traditional meal, and by the time they become the whole world has been divided up. When the Lord asked the visitors, why were late, the Georgians said that they drank a toast - for God, for themselves and the world. God liked their answer, and he told them that although all the land distributed, but he have saved a small piece of it for himself, and he now gives it Georgians. This land, according to the Lord, the beauty of his or comparable to anything else. And forever will be the people to admire and marvel at it.

Travel agency "Evreka" will make your holiday diverse, exotic, exciting and definitely unforgettable. With us, you will see the best that Georgia does not only part of Europe, but what makes her unique country different from the rest of the world.

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